The Veterans Resource Program (VRP) facility, located in Richmond, CA, provides housing services for homeless veterans in the Bay Area. Veterans are able to rent a room/bed at a subsidized price tailored to meet the financial means of each veteran. VRP also provides support services for employment, job training, and information on higher educational opportunities. Veterans receive information on the latest federal and state Veterans Administration programs and other veteran-related resources. Residents of the VRP home have a veteran peer support network, access to free internet, and outings! Please see our Community Programs page for services that are open to everyone. 


The VRP assists veterans in obtaining their discharge papers, coordinating action with the Department of Veteran Affairs, and assessing their needs. We also offer assistance in filing and following up on disability compensation and pension claims. Do you need help navigating the services of the VA? Contact us for help.


We provide temporary and permanent housing to veterans in need. The house is fully furnished and has opened its doors to homeless and destitute veterans from all walks of life. The home provides stable living accommodations, a full kitchen, a living room with television and computer access, an open back yard, and a community of support. The home has four bedrooms and two bathrooms. The home strives to serve as an option to help veterans get back on their feet, whether financially, in their career, or in their personal life. Are you a veteran or do you know a veteran in need of transitional housing? Contact us.


Referral Services

The VRP helps veterans gain access to various resources and has developed relationships with organizations such as:

  • Disabled American Veterans
  • Swords of Plowshares
  • The Richmond Re-Entry Success Center
  • The Department of Veteran Affairs
  • Veteran Services Centers, in San Francisco & Contra Costa County
  • One Vet, One Voice
  • Sparkpoint
  • The City of Richmond

We help veterans with education, healthcare, employment, and more. 

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